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Robert Vince Senior editor

Kvisoft PDF Splitter is a free program that helps you extract pages from PDFs and save them as new documents.

The interface is very simple, providing well-defined steps to follow. After uploading a multi-page PDF file, you may choose among three split methods. You can split your PDF into separate files according to a specified page range, or you can select exactly the pages you want to extract.
You also have the option to select the pages that you no longer want to appear in the output file. If you don't know for sure the numbering of pages, you have the possibility to view them in the thumbnail pane. This way, you are able to select exactly the pages you want to split.

The application provides one big advantage. It can work with files with editing, copying, or printing protection; this tool has the ability to remove the password automatically. The only protection which can't be handled is that referring to files protected from opening. If you don't know the password, the program can't help you.

I want to point out that you can specify the precise location for saving the output files, but you can't type the name of the new document. These files will be renamed after a pattern, provided by default. Only when selecting files from the thumbnail viewer can you enter a different title.

To make things short, Kvisoft PDF Splitter is a good program which does nothing more nor less than its title implies. It doesn't have extra functions. Moreover, the quality of the created files is the same as the original.


  • Easy to use.
  • Free program.
  • No useless features.


  • Inactive minimize control button.
  • Confusing options to rename the output files (depending on the splitting method, you may put a different title or not).

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